Why Buy Diamonds Locally?

As any good shopper knows, you have to shop around to get the best deal. Not too long ago, this meant either browsing sale flyers or driving store to. Today we live in an increasingly global world, where you can buy anything at any time of the day or night. From books to houses, cars and clothing buying online has become a regular occurrence in many of our lives. But what about when it comes to buying Diamonds or custom jewelry? Sure, it’s easier than schlepping all over town for bargains, but is really better? Not exactly. In addition to not being able to see what you’re getting, there’s no guarantee that you’re even getting what you paid for.


Another big problem? When you buy online you are missing a crucial step in the Diamond buying process- the Diamond’s feel. In order to be able to closely examine, hold, and see the Diamond up-close you must be in the same room as the stone. Buying online simply doesn’t allow for this. So what do most people do? They hit up those chain jewelry stores that advertise on TV and have all the same styles at an extreme markup- and usually with stones that aren’t very good.


So, what options does that leave you? Well, you can take your chances at a chain store. You can also go to a local jeweler and maybe pay a higher price due to their lack of buying power- or you can shop at a Diamond wholesaler who not only specializes specifically in Diamonds, but who can get you a better price on a Diamond. That’s because Diamond wholesalers like Diamond Factory Dallas don’t have to rely on a middleman to source their Diamonds- which translates to savings for you. Best of all, you can see and feel the Diamond in-person, eliminating the worry that you’re not getting what you paid for.


Buying from Diamond Factory Dallas also ensures something else: a more hands-on approach to our factory to finger custom jewelry design. Our in-house design team is based locally, so you can follow your custom piece every step of the way- and make modifications as-needed.


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