These Five Diamond Facts are as cool as Ice

Everyone knows that Diamonds are beautiful, but they’re also really interesting, too! For example, you may have heard that Diamonds are the hardest material on earth, but did you know that the only thing that can scratch a Diamond is another Diamond? Here are some fascinating Diamond facts you may not know!


Diamonds are cut on a wheel called a Diamond scaife. The diamond scaife was invented in 1456 and they are still in use today. The scaife uses a combination of olive oil and diamond dust on a spinning wheel to wear down the sides of a Diamond until it is the desired shape. As if that weren’t cool enough, get this: as the Diamond is worn down with the scaife, it is ground to dust. That dust deposits itself on the wheel, and is reused to continue grinding down the original Diamond!


Nanodiamonds are Diamond particles that range in size between- 4-6 nm. They are considered one of the most advanced carbon materials on earth, and are used for everything from repairing tooth enamel to skin care to medicines. They can even be used in quantum computing!


Did you know you can burn a Diamond? Well, you can if you can get it between 1290-1650 degrees Fahrenheit!


The largest known Diamond isn’t here on earth- it’s in outer space in the center of a star! The rock is said to weigh 2.27 thousand trillion tons – or to give you a better idea, 10 billion trillion carats!


Diamonds are very rare stones- and even rarer when you consider that less than 20 percent of diamonds actually make it into a piece of jewelry.


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