Sotheby’s Develops Line of Vintage Jewels with a Modern Twist

The auction house Sotheby’s has paired with jewelry designer Elaine Fattal to create a collection of Diamond jewelry using re-purposed vintage settings and modern stones. The pieces feature jewel-encrusted flowers like daisies and peonies- all of which once were parts of other jewelry. With the addition of some other precious gems, those pieces –which may not have originally been the center piece of their original pieces- become the stars of the show.

The jewelry was displayed in London until December 5, 2018 but, unfortunately, was not listed for auction. But don’t despair! If you were looking for a re-designed vintage bauble of your very own you can still get the look without ever having to leave home. That’s because here at Diamond Factory Dallas you can have your very own vintage jewelry re-purposed right here in the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex.

At Diamond Factory Dallas, we will collaborate with you every step of the way to design custom jewelry. Whether it’s a brand-new creation, a vintage replica or a re-purposed existing piece, let the design team at Diamond Factory Dallas create something as special and unique as you are.


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