Diamond Care - Essential Maintenance Tips for After You Buy an Engagement Ring

Everyone wants to make their wedding memorable. An important part of the wedding ceremony is the presenting of an engagement ring by the groom to the bride. Most men put in a lot of planning and thought before they go to buy a diamond engagement ring. They want to buy something special that will truly convey the extent of their love, and also make her look beautiful when she wears it. But if you expect your future husband to purchase an engagement ring for you that will make heads turn, then you should be prepared to take some steps to help keep it glittering and attractive for years to come.


Avoid Chemicals: There are several chemicals that a women may apply throughout the day such as sunscreens, lotions, perfumes, deodorants etc. When you are applying any of these for the first time, it is safer to remove your diamond ring first. Once you are confident that a particular lotion or cream doesn’t impact your ring negatively then you can stop taking the ring off for that lotion etc.


Clean Carefully: The same logic applies to the cleaning of your engagement ring. If you are keen to keep it sparkling and clean forever, be very careful not to use very harsh chemicals which might discolor it. A very simple, safe and effective cleaning solution for diamond rings is to wash it in lukewarm soapy water. Using dishwashing soap, soak the ring for up to 40 minutes. Then, brush the stone gently with a soft toothbrush. If you are not sure if you can do it safely and effectively yourself, you can easily employ the services of professional diamond cleaners.


Watch The Weather: Extreme cold or wet and slippery conditions outside could cause your diamond engagement ring to slide off your fingers. Be very watchful of such weather conditions or even at home if you are working with something like a soap solution. To be safe, take off your ring and put it away in these situations.


Keep It Carefully: A ring is usually so small in size that it can easily be kept anywhere. Often, people take their rings off absentmindedly and keep them at some place which they forget later. It is a much better idea to have a designated place in your home for keeping your ring, and preferably a small box in which to keep it. If you can ensure that you always keep your ring at the same place whenever you take it off, then you reduce the chance of misplacing it.


Take Insurance: Most people have very emotional associations with their diamond engagement ring, and in the case of loss or theft the ring itself is irreplaceable. But at very least you can do to protect your investment is to take out an insurance policy on the diamond ring so that at least the money associated with it can be recovered, if not the emotions.


As you can see above, it is often not enough to buy a diamond engagement ring, but one also needs to take adequate care of it and ensure it doesn’t get damaged, discolored, lost or stolen. Only then can you ensure that your diamond is forever.

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