Important Lessons on Finding the Right Diamond Buyer in Dallas

How would you like to exchange your outdated and unused diamond jewelry for cash? Nearly all of us have some baubles in our jewelry boxes that we will never use again. We discard jewelry for many reasons ranging from damages to expiration of fashion-worthiness.

Whatever your particular reasons are to cast some of your jewelry aside with time, they all end up in the same place: piling up into a bunch of junk. One way of clearing out the clutter is to trade these disused baubles for money.


Professional Diamond Buyers

Diamond buyers can be individuals or jewelry companies that shop for diamonds and diamond jewelry that is damaged, out of trend, or discarded for some other reasons. A diamond buyer’s job is to hunt, examine and bargain for used and old diamonds and diamond jewelry of all kinds. Hence, a diamond buyer is the right person to contact when you are looking to sell off one or more of your old diamond jewelry pieces and get good returns from the transaction. Those at the top offer the fairest prices. From designer to custom-made items, these shops are interested in buying anything as long as they find them worthy of buying.


Determining the Price

For every piece of jewelry they accept, there is an evaluation process in place to compute its worth. In doing so, a diamond buyer takes into account four particulars namely, color, cut, weight and clarity if it’s a diamond, and Karat and weight if it’s diamond jewelry. For all wares, marketability is a major weighing factor that inflates or deflates the price. It is only a qualified buyer who can grade a diamond accurately and offer a fair price for it. The best diamond buyers have GIA graduates on their staff who work as graders for all diamonds.


Types of Jewelry Taken

A qualified jewelry buyer takes all sorts of jewelry. Those that deal only in diamonds trade in both loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. Buyers will buy almost any type of jewelry as long as they can grade it. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, pins, timepieces, amulets, anklets, cuff links, the list goes on and on. Loose diamonds are also taken at these stores, as well as designer and non-designer jewelry.


Reasons to Go Through a Buyer

So, why do you want to sell your jewelry at a diamond buyer and not find a prospective buyer yourself? The first reason why you want to sell discarded diamond jewelry to a diamond buyer is to avoid the endlessly frustrating experience of selling the jewelry. You may turn a blind eye to the challenges of the drill and go DIY, but there are more problems down that road, not to mention the enormous risks of making a poor deal. Diamond buyers work through qualified graders who have the training to grade diamonds correctly.


Furthermore, diamond buyers are a one-stop store for selling jewelry of all kinds. Imagine the trouble you’d have to find a different buyer for each of your abandoned treasures. Going to a buyer who will be interested in all of them is a much easier and fail-safe decision.

Last but not the least, expect to be offered a fair price for your jewelry at a diamond buyer.

What Type of Diamonds Do We Purchase ?

We are interested in purchasing all diamonds. We offer top cash payment regardless of shape or size.

Price is determined by a number of factors:

  • Color & Clarity
  • Carat weight
  • Shape
  • Cut & Proportion
  • Marketability

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Our professional appraisers evaluate these factors and others in front of you. We will explain in detail the value of your diamond and answer any questions you may have. We will then make you a high cash offer. If you accept our offer, as most people do, cash is paid immediately. There is never any obligation or pressure for you to sell.

If you are looking to sell your diamond jewelry, you have your reasons and whatever they are we are here to help you through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible. After inspection, we’ll buy your unwanted diamond jewelry. We offer competitive payouts and quick payment via cash or check.


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