How to Buy an Attractive yet Affordable Engagement Ring

Weddings are special and memorable occasions for both bride and groom. One of the most common icons of a wedding is an engagement ring which serves as a promise and commitment of a life of togetherness. A beautiful engagement ring given by a groom to his bride to be can make her feel as special as she truly is. But the problem with engagement rings and custom jewelry is that they are often priced so high that it takes the pleasure out of owning or gifting such an exquisite creation. Let’s look at a few simple ways in which you can buy Affordable Engagement Rings or custom jewelry.


  • Avoid chains – You must have seen and heard about the large jewelry shops which have a large number of outlets throughout the country. In some cities you may find more than one outlet of these chains- they are seen at almost all shopping malls. These well-appointed stores have to maintain a high standard for their decor which increases the overhead charges as well as running costs. You can see their advertisements in both traditional media as well as social media, and all of these advertising costs ultimately get passed along to the customer. If you’re on the lookout for good engagement rings and custom jewelry then you should go to the bigger standalone stores which have the entire value chain under their control, from factory to the showroom. From such standalone stores, you can even buy loose diamonds or create custom jewelry-and all of it would be at a very affordable price.
  • Utilize the power of the internet – If you browse the internet you’ll find a large number of online jewelry stores where you can choose from a large variety of designs and have the piece you buy delivered to your home. But there are many people who prefer to touch and feel their jewelry before buying it, and cannot trust online shops completely. If you too fall into that category, you can still use the websites to understand the latest designs and materials being used for rings and custom jewelry, and then use that information while selecting your jewelry at a bricks and mortar store.
  • Customize – Most of the time you go to buy engagement rings you need to choose from designs that are already created and displayed at the store- but some good stores give you the option of creating Custom Jewelry for yourself by selecting the design, the diamond and the material for the ring. This gives you a lot of flexibility to create a design that is unique and exactly what you want, and it often works out to be more economical as well. You need to ensure that you are going to a reputable and trustworthy jewelry store for this option, otherwise you might be taken for a ride by a fly by night operator if you don’t have adequate knowledge to recognize fake diamonds.

Custom Diamond Enagement Rings

Where you can buy affordable engagement rings

As the leading diamond supplier in Dallas, TX, Diamond Factory Dallas is proud to craft and sell superior products at a competitive price. Whether you want loose diamonds, a diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings, or a diamond necklace, we can deliver unparalleled product at unbelievable prices. We offer all sizes and types of diamonds, such as:

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Because we control every stage of the diamond ring creation process, we can give our customers the very best products that can be traced back to the mine. Rest assured, we are with you through every phase from factory to finger. Here’s a look at our full-circle process:

  • Direct from mine
  • Cutting at our facility
  • Design your setting using CAD technology
  • In-house jeweler to craft custom jewelry
  • End product to consumer
  • Perfect proposal

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