Wholesale Diamonds

Diamond Factory Dallas has been at the forefront of the Diamond industry for many years. As one of the leading wholesale loose diamond suppliers and the only Diamond Cutting Factory in Texas, we saw an amazing opportunity to open a retail outlet so we could offer our customers exceptional savings and a unique experience. From cutting the precious stones on-site, to crafting the finished jewelry, we are the only Jewelry Store in the USA who does it all. Cutting out any middleman and controlling the entire process allows us to offer Diamond Jewelry and Loose Diamonds at wholesale prices direct to the public.

Best place to buy Wholesale Diamonds in Dallas

Our specialty is in Loose Diamonds and Custom Engagement Rings & Diamond Jewelry. We have a spectacular range of high-quality GIA-Certified Diamonds as well as Non-Certified Diamonds in all shapes and sizes such as Round, Princess, Emerald, Oval, Heart Shape, Marquise, Trillion, Pear Shape, Radiant, Ascher, and Cushion, all available at wholesale prices. We are known among many as the best place to buy wholesale in not only the Dallas and Fort Worth area but also throughout the entire USA. We have an extremely loyal customer base because our diamond wholesale pricing is incredibly competitive with today’s market standards, so we are able to offer exceptional product for a fair and reasonable price.

Buyer and Sellers Inquiry for Wholesale Loose Diamonds

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. Need help? Speak with a Diamond Jewelry Experts at 972-980-8700.

Wholesale Diamonds FAQ

  • Are there any wholesalers in Dallas that sell to the public? Yes! Not only do we sell to the public at our wholesale prices, but you will have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing how rough diamonds are cut to brilliance.
  • How do I buy Diamonds wholesale? Because of our Factory to Finger model and our on-site Diamond Cutting Factory, we are in the unique position that allows us to serve as a Wholesale Diamond Dealer to the public. Whether you are looking to purchase Wholesale Certified Loose Diamonds or are searching for a Ring wholesaler or Diamond Jewelry wholesaler, we guarantee we can help find the perfect piece at an unbeatable price.
  • What kind of wholesale jewelry do you carry? Diamond Factory Dallas is a great source for wholesale men’s diamond rings, wholesale wedding rings, wholesale vintage rings, wholesale antique engagement rings, wholesale diamond earrings, wholesale diamond tennis bracelets, and custom jewelry. We carry a wide selection of items and styles to fit many preferences.
  • Where is the best place to buy wholesale? At Diamond Factory Dallas we have three goals – offer our customers amazing Factory prices, provide an exclusive experience with our on-site Diamond Cutting Factory, and maintain top-notch customer service. From the hundreds of five-star reviews we have received, we know we are accomplishing all this and more. If you are in the market to purchase Diamond Jewelry, we are sure we can help you find an exquisite piece that exceeds your expectations. And of course, it will always be at amazing wholesale diamond prices.
  • Who has the best customer service in the DFW area to buy engagement rings? We are known for our exceptional customer service in the DFW area, and our affordable prices on jewelry being a Diamond Wholesaler. We truly believe in taking care of our customers and being there every step of the way on your journey.
  • What Jewelers in the Dallas/DFW area has a large variety of antique/vintage rings and fancy diamond cuts? Being a wholesaler, we have exclusive opportunities for purchasing vintage and antique rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and brooches. Since we have this exclusive opportunity, we have a huge collection of antique and estate pieces open for the public to purchase.
  • Where can we find a good selection of tennis bracelets and eternity bands at wholesale prices? We offer custom eternity bands and tennis bracelet perfected to custom-fit your fingers and wrists. We can custom make these pieces for you in any metal of your choice and with the stones you desire.

Local Jewelers vs. Diamond Factory Dallas

In a conventional Diamond distribution, the Diamonds come out of the mine (the source) and then make their way to the cutting centers where they are cut and polished for maximum value. From there, they move on to the jewelry manufacturers, and the last stop is the showcases of your local Diamond jewelry stores (retailers). Although jewelry stores purchase Diamonds in bulk, they cannot cover their operating costs by merely selling the Diamonds at the price at which they were purchased. So, stores mark up the Diamonds and sell them with a considerable profit margin.

When it comes to buying Diamonds from a wholesaler, like Diamond Factory Dallas, you can purchase your Diamonds from the same source a retailer would, thereby eliminating the middleman and the huge markup. At Diamond Factory Dallas we are in complete control of all stages of the Diamond distribution. We cut the Diamonds at our own on-site Diamond cutting facility using state-of-the-art technology to ensure an ideal cut with exquisite brilliance. Then, our seasoned craftsmen handcraft each diamond to our customers’ exact specifications to create the perfect piece. Our ‘Factory to Finger’ business model allows us to streamline efficiency and minimize costs, while passing the savings on to the customer.

We Sell One-Of-A-Kind Diamonds That You Can’t Find At the Corner Jewelry Store

With a company founder that is a fifth-generation master Diamond cutter, and a combined experience within our workshops of over two decades, we know what it takes to create the absolute best in GIA-Certified Diamond, engagement rings, bespoke wedding jewelry, and Diamond fashion jewelry. Do not just take our word for it: our unparalleled service, attention to detail, and high-quality craftsmanship has been proven in the many stellar reviews we have received on Google.

At Diamond Factory Dallas we make it a point to create a comfortable and rewarding buying experience for our customers. We will take the time to help you make an informed, hassle-free purchase of your wholesale diamonds, engagement rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, estate jewelry. necklaces, pendants, custom rings, and custom jewelry. With an extensive selection, wholesale pricing, state-of-the-art technology, and unmatched customer experience, Diamond Factory Dallas offers the ultimate in affordable luxury.