What Is Diamond Color?

When shopping for diamonds, whether rings, earrings, or pendants, you should look out for that which appears colorless. High-quality diamonds have a small visible difference and are highly-priced. The color of a diamond can have a significant impact on its price. Here is all you need to know about diamond colors.

What Is Diamond Color?

Color in a diamond refers to the degree of yellowness and how clear it is. The rule of thumb is high-quality diamonds are totally clear and low-quality diamonds have a slightly yellow shade. Diamond color is gauged using the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) color chart

What Is The Diamond Color Chart?

The diamond color chart is a chart developed by the GIA to help shoppers to understand every diamond's color level. Diamond color grade ranges from D, through to N-R and S-Z.

The Diamond Chart Color 

Perfectly Clear (D/E/F)

The most expensive and scarcest diamonds are those with the D shade grade, which carries a large price premium above other color grades. E-shade diamonds are much less expensive than D-shade diamonds but still carry a significant premium. When it comes to color, F-colored diamonds are essentially colorless like D as well as E color diamonds.

Very Clear and a Perfect Harmony of Value and Quality (G/H/I)

G-shade diamonds do contain some color nuances, however, it is quite difficult to see them with the unaided eye. H-shade diamonds are much less expensive than diamonds inside the colorless spectrum and only pricier than G-shade diamonds. When set in platinum or white gold, as well as when combined with yellow or rose gold, an I color round dazzling cut diamond can appear stunning.

Warm Shade and in Various Situations are of Great Value (J/K/L)

The majority of J-type diamonds seem colorless to the bare eye, but they typically have a minimal yellow tone that is visible under strong lighting and magnification. On the GIA's scale of diamond colors, K-color diamonds have been categorized as faint, indicating they have a very small yellow tint that can be seen with the unaided eye. In normal illumination, the yellow tint of L color diamonds is apparent to the unaided eye. This color grade of diamonds is significantly less expensive, making them a fantastic investment.

Visible Yellow Tint (M/N to R, S to Z)

Diamonds with the M hue have a distinct, noticeable yellow tint. There is a distinct yellow and brown tinting in diamonds inside the N through R range. Compared to barely colored or nearly colorless diamonds, these diamonds are considerably less expensive. S through Z range diamonds have a visible yellow or brown tinge. The majority of jewelers don't advise buying diamonds in this category.

What Is The Best Diamond Color?

The "ideal color" for a diamond might be considered to be the D color grade, which is the highest possible color grade.

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