Top Reasons to Design Your Own Diamond Jewelry

Walk into any jewelry store in America and you’ll likely find at least one shiny bauble that catches your eye. But despite the beauty of many of these pieces, they all lack some elements that custom jewelry can offer. So, what’s the big deal about custom jewelry- and why is it better than what you can get pre-made in stores?

It’s as unique as you are

When investing in something as precious and valuable as Diamond jewelry, you don’t want to look like everyone else. Jewelry conveys your own unique style in ways clothing and other accessories simply can’t. Having a custom piece made just for you ensures that nobody else will be rocking your ring or sporting your tennis bracelet.

It’s a better deal

Many people are surprised to learn that custom jewelry is often less expensive than the premade pieces you find at the jewelry store. Here at Diamond Factory Dallas we have no middleman raising the prices of our jewelry, so you never need to worry about a huge markup on our custom designs.

It means more

All jewelry has meaning, but when you or a loved one design your own piece, it is more meaningful than simply buying something out of a glass case at the mall. It shows that thought and love went into the piece, and that thought and love is translated into the piece.

You get creative control

Love the look of a ring but not the stone quality? Wishing you could have a setting but in a different metal? Looking to add a larger or different-shaped stone? You can do all that with a custom piece. We can recreate or design from scratch anything you’re looking for, and in the specific metal and stones you prefer.

You’re creating more than just a piece of jewelry

When you create custom jewelry, you’re creating more than just a piece of jewelry- you’re creating a family heirloom that nobody else has. A treasure –and a story- that only your piece of jewelry can tell.

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