Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2019 - 2020

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The Natural – Natural, uncut stones or Herkimer Diamonds are huge with Millennials right now. These rough stones have not been shaped or polished, and their cloudy, matte appearance are reminiscent of big chunks of white rock-candy. These diamonds are well-suited to the more free-spirited bride who likes things a little bit unstructured.

Engagement Ring Trends - Art Deco Inspired

Art Deco Inspired – Art deco inspired rings are making a comeback in a big way. There are many vintage styles available and to take inspiration from,but if you’re looking for something unique but still deco inspired, consider having a deco-style ring custom made by Diamond Factory Dallas.

Engagement Ring Trends - Pear shaped

Pear shaped: The pear shape is a classic making a comeback in 2019, but it’s not exactly new. This teardrop shaped sparkler has been around since 1458 when it was created by a Flemish diamond polisher by the name of Loedwyck van Berquem.

Engagement Ring Trends - Double Band

Double Band – Double band rings have not one but two rows of metal, which may or may not have Diamonds along each row. This also allows for the Diamond engagement ring to sit between two rows of wedding band, creating a three-row bridal set. Diamond Factory Dallas can create a custom, two-band set that fits together as perfectly as you and your bride.

Engagement Ring Trends - Two- or-Three Stone Rings

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