This Bavarian Town is Literally Built with Diamonds

Nordlingen, Market square, Town Hall, Romantic Road, Romantische Strasse, Noerdlingen, Swabia, Bavaria, Germany, Europe. (Photo by: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)

You might say that Nördlingen, Bavaria is a dazzling place to live- but not just because the picturesque city looks like something right out of a painting. It’s because Nördlingen was literally built with Diamonds- more specifically a material called suevite, which was deposited by an asteroid millions of years ago. Suevite is a composite of Diamonds, glass and crystals, which the early settlers of Nördlingen used to build their homes. As a result, today it is estimated that the city of Nördlingen is built with 72,000 tons of Diamonds.

Yes, that’s right. Seventy-two-thousand tons of diamonds! But before you pack your chisel and head to the quaint city, you should know that the Diamonds in Nördlingen aren’t worth anything due to their microscopic size. The good news is that the sparkle of the glitzy little city is there for everyone to appreciate.

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