The Timeless Beauty of Diamond Earrings

There’s nothing quite as timeless and elegant as a pair of Diamond stud earrings. They can be dressed up or dressed down, and they go well with any outfit – from a t-shirt and jeans to an evening gown.

Earrings have been adorning ears for centuries. The oldest earrings ever discovered were found in Iraq and date back to 2500 BC. Since then many styles and shapes of earrings have decorated the ears of royalty, the wealthy, and eventually women from all walks of life and social statuses.

Today despite the variety of earrings available, Diamond earrings remain among the most popular styles. Diamond earrings are a symbol of class, elegance and sophistication. At Diamond Factory Dallas we have a beautiful selection of Diamond studs to choose from, and we can design and create anything you can dream of.

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