The Best Diamond Shape for Your Finger

When it comes to your diamond ring preferences it is crucial to decide the cut or shape of your diamond that will best suit your fingers. The challenge lies in choosing from over ten different diamond shapes, including Asher, Cushion, Emerald, Heart, Marquise, Pear, Princess, Radiant, Round, and Oval.

Here’s a pro tip: pick the shape that best flatters your hand and fingers. Then, take note of these quick tips to make an informed purchase.


First things first – give a good look at your hands, fingers, and nail type, including their overall length, breadth, and width, to achieve a balanced and proportionate look. It is crucial to play around and try on various styles. Also, ask questions and seek advice. Diamonds are a long-term investment attached with sentiment and they work well for all fashion styling. Correctly sizing the ring is another vital consideration, along with the stone size, diamond setting, and your personal taste.


If you think your hands or fingers are on the shorter side and that it would be difficult to pull off a specific style, think again. You will be amazed at the selections we have and options you can choose from. It is just a matter of right proportioning. An oval, marquise, heart, princess, or pear-cut stone with a narrower band is a fabulous option and creates an elongating effect on your hand. You can go for delicate choices like smaller stones in just any cut, and they look flattering on small or shorter fingers.


With beautifully long and slender fingers, you have the opportunity to choose even the rarest of cuts to shine without feeling overwhelmed. However, princess, oval, emerald, and round cuts are great styles. Talk to an expert and play around with the band’s width to pull off some stunning options. But if you have skinny or thin fingers, go for a smaller stone with a slim band and a bezel setting to ensure the stone stands out.


We usually suggest a medium to thick band with a larger round stone or cluster setting for wider fingers. With that shape, you can even pull off a larger carat size than any average engagement ring and rock the style. Something like an emerald, princess, oval, or pear-cut with cluster or prong setting helps create an illusion of elongated and slimmer fingers.


If you have slender fingers, try avoiding a small stone set onto a thicker band style. Go for something like a narrower pear or marquise cut since it makes a gorgeous style for petite fingers. However, if you think you can carry a small stone on a thicker band to help widen the look of your fingers, go for it.


You can never go wrong with a Round Brilliant diamond ring that looks flattering on most hands and fingers and works best for large knuckles as well. It is a classic shape adding a lot more weight on the top and gives your hands a symmetrical look. The costs will vary based on the stone specifications and customizations.

Remember: These are mere recommendations! Ultimately, you are the one to decide what is going to be on your finger and what you will adore for a lifetime. We’re confident whatever you select will be perfect for you.


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