Re-Styled Vintage Rolex Watches

Do you have a Rolex Watch that you love but its appearance is outdated? Have you seen a Rolex Watch that you like but you find it’s just missing that special something? At Diamond Factory Dallas we have the solution! Re-Style your Vintage Rolex Watch!

There are many parts to a Rolex Watch that can be personalized to your specific wants. Change the Dial, the Band, the or even the Bezel to give your Watch a more modern look.

The Dial refers to the surface of the watch that lays underneath the hands. There are many kinds of Dials out there to fit all different fashion styles. Many of our customers opt to re-style their Rolex Watches by swapping out the existing Dial with a Dial of a new color. This can make any watch look like a completely new piece. For those who love Diamonds, opting for a Diamond or Gemstone Dial may be the route they wish to go.

A popular request seen in our store is changing out the watch’s band. Many like to select a band with texture and color to make their Re-Styled Vintage Rolex Watch stand out. If changing the Dial of your Rolex Watch some like to also change the band so they match. Our Design Consultants are always happy to show you a selection of different bands, like leather, rubber, or metal, that they think would look best on your watch.

The Bezel is important because it is what holds the crystal (what covers the dial) down to make sure no water or dirt gets in. One of the most popular Bezels is the Fluted Bezel. Many Rolex watches like Datejust Watches, Day-Date Watches, and Oyster Perpetual Watches, have Fluted Bezels. If you’re looking for a new Bezel you can always check out a Gem-Set Bezel, Bark Bezel, or a Polished Bezel. There are many other types of Bezels and depending what you like our Team can help you find the perfect one.

Re-Styling your Vintage Rolex Watch is a great way to make an old piece seem new. It can make a sweet sentimental and personal gift for holidays or birthdays for both men and women. Call us today to start designing! (972)-980-8700