Rare Yellow Diamond Found in Canada

This 552 carat diamond was discovered in October.

The largest Diamond ever found in North America was recently discovered in the Diavik Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories, Canada. The yellow Diamond weighed in at 552 carats, stealing the crown from Canada’s previous largest diamond, which was 187.7 carats and also found in a Diavik mine. The Diavik Diamond is said to be about the size of a chicken egg, and is the 7th largest Diamond to be found worldwide so far this century.

The Diamond’s value is yet to be determined as its use, but it is slated to be polished and cut down soon. The rare yellow color adds value to the stone. Yellow in Diamonds is caused by nitrogen trapped inside the stone, which filters out the other tones such as red and blue. An extremely rare find, it is estimated that just one in every 10,000 carats of Diamonds mined is a naturally colored Diamond, and of those, only one in 16,500 carats is a yellow Diamond!


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