Pink Diamond Sets World Record

A rare pink Diamond just sold via auction at Christie’s Auction House for a whopping $50.4-million-dollars. The astounding price set a world record for both ‘auction prices per carat’ for pink Diamonds, as well as for being the most expensive pink Diamond ever sold at Christie’s.

The 18.96 carat beauty was sold to the parent company of the esteemed Harry Winston jewelers, and has already earned the moniker “The Winston Pink Legacy.” The Pink Legacy joins other Winston-owned treasures such as the Winston Legacy Diamond, a 101-carat pear-shaped Diamond which the jewelry house purchased in 2013 for $26.3 million dollars. Harry Winston himself also once owned the ‘world’s most famous Diamond,’ The Hope Diamond, which the late jeweler donated to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in 1958.

Pink Diamonds are among the rarest Diamonds on earth, with most originating from the Argyle Mine in Kimberley, Western Australia. Pink Diamonds are so rare that their per-carat price is often 20 times higher than that of white Diamonds. Most natural pink Diamonds range in price from $30,000 to $100,000 per carat. In contrast, the Pink Legacy sold for $2.65 million dollars per carat!

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