Personalities In Relation To Diamond Shapes

Have you ever wondered what your diamond shape signifies? Yes, each cut has a distinct meaning, a story behind it, and offers a unique appeal. This blog will quickly take you through the message your diamond choices may say, i.e., the personalities of different diamonds.

Round Diamonds

Personality Traits: Elegant, Old-School, Faithfulness

Round diamonds are popular for their versatility, sparkle, and timelessness. These are best for people who prefer elegance, exude charm, and love all-things-traditional. It is most common for engagement rings and symbolizes honesty.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Personality Traits: Fun, Flirtatious, Trendy

The woman of today, who is driven and enthusiastic, radiates that confidence in her diamond buying choices as well. Princess cut often makes a good option for people who aren’t afraid of the spotlight. It is for the person who takes risks head-on.

Oval Diamonds

Personality Traits: Daring, Individualistic, Larger-Than-Life

People drawn towards oval cuts are bold, innovative, and one-of-a-kind, often with an unconventional attitude. Oval is a close cousin to round diamonds and associates with fertility, being reminiscent of an egg.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Personality Traits: Feminine, Dependable, Dazzling

A cushion cut, also referred to as candlelight or pillow-cut, feels soft and feminine. Wearers consider themselves trustworthy, romantic, and classy. The diamond has an antique style and adds a dazzling touch to engagement rings with its brilliance and beauty.

Pear Shape Diamonds

Personality Traits: Calm, Adaptable, Tasteful

The pear shape is a good mix of modernism with tradition. While it suggests romance, pear cut diamonds are for those who also yearn for more. Also called the Teardrop, it has a dramatic design and describes the idea of openness.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Personality Traits: Sophisticated, Effortless, Powerful

Emeralds ooze elegance. They exude clarity, depth, and a sense of self. Celebrities like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are seen flaunting emeralds, showing their openness to the bold and influential. Baguette-cut diamonds too exhibit a similar step cut as emeralds, but the latter has wedge-shaped polished corners, and baguettes have pointed edges.

Marquise Diamonds

Personality Traits: Edgy, Creative, Theatrical

The marquise cut is all about luxury and lends the wearer a larger-than-life attitude, emphasizing status and wealth. Victoria Beckham has been seen sporting a marquise; it certainly matches her outgoing and amusing personality.

Heart Shape Diamonds

Personality Traits: Romantic, Dreamy, Sentimental

One who wears their heart on their sleeves is the hopeless romantic who chooses this cut. Because what more speaks of romance than a heart-shaped diamond? It is best for one who is always up for a great ol’ rom-com and sees the good in everyone. Its cousin, the trillion diamond, also dons a similar shape but works well as a side stone to accentuate various other shapes.

Asscher Diamonds

Personality Traits: Glamorous, Regalness, Romantic

The asscher cut reminds us of the ‘20s era. These are for people who love to live that fabulously vintage and glamorous lifestyle. Asscher diamonds have a romantic feel to them and are an excellent fit for royalty.

Radiant Diamonds

Personality Traits: Romance, Luxury, Persistence

People who choose radiant diamonds tend to sparkle more and enjoy the unusual. Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have been seen flaunting a radiant diamond, for it exudes confidence, enchantment, and fun.

To Conclude

Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. However, you are to choose the cut that suits your style. We encourage scheduling an appointment with a Diamond Factory Dallas representative to help you make a worthy investment. Call us at 972-980-8700 for better assistance.