If you’re considering buying a Diamond you may have found there are many options out there. Not only do you have to decide what shape, size, color, and clarity you want but with the great advancements that have been made in technology you now also have the decision between Lab Grown Diamonds and Mined Diamonds.

Synthetic Diamonds, AKA Lab-Grown Diamonds, Man-Made Diamonds, or CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Diamonds, are just like Natural Diamonds in that both are made of pure carbon in the same cubic crystalline form. The only difference between a Mined Diamond and a Lab-Grown Diamond are their origin – one is mined from the Earth and another is grown in a chamber. Man-Made Diamonds and Earth Diamonds are identical in their hardness, the way they look, and physical properties.

So, why consider a Man-Made Diamond? Compared to millions of years of formation time, we’re talking months or even weeks. Plus, the ample supply or stones and lack of excavation allows one to get a Lab Grown Diamond with the same specs as a Natural Diamond for 30-50% cheaper. Man-Made Diamonds are also a more environmentally friendly option.

If considering a Lab Grown Diamond vs a Natural Diamond, it is important to know that while they look and feel identical, and while a Lab Grown Diamond may be cheaper upfront, their resell values differ dramatically. Natural Diamonds generally retain approximately 50% of their initial value but Lab-Grown Stones on the other hand have practically no resell value.

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