How to Keep Your Custom Engagement Ring a Surprise

You want to pull off the perfect proposal- but hiding it from your savvy, soon-to-be fiancée can be challenging, especially when it comes to the Diamond engagement ring. You want it to be a surprise, but you want to design a Diamond ring she’ll love, too. So, how do you get her input on what she likes and dislikes without giving away the surprise? Here are some tips for keeping what may be the biggest secret of your life.

  • Does your significant other have a best friend or close relative that knows her preferences but won’t ruin the surprise? Let them in on the secret and recruit them to get some valuable information.
  • Don’t know her ring size? Ask a close confidante to find it out by having your partner try on the friend’s ring. She can ask your soon-to-be bride if she thinks the ring looks dull and have her hold it to the light on your bride-to-be’s hand if she needs an excuse to get your partner to try it on.
  • Next, to gauge her style, during a casual mall trip, have your fiancée’s friend drop in to a jeweler with your fiancée to get her ring cleaned or sized. While there have the friend browse rings with your fiancée and see which Diamond rings she gravitates towards. If possible, have the friend return later to take photos of the rings your fiancée likes.
  • Once you know what her style is, contact Diamond Factory Dallas and schedule an appointment for your custom ring consultation. We can create any style at any price point for a timeless treasure that’s as unique and beautiful as your bride- and for less than the pricy rings at the mall.
  • Once the Diamond ring is complete you may need to hide it prior to the proposal – especially if your soon-to-be bride is suspicious. Consider leaving it with a trusted friend, or keep it here at Diamond Factory Dallas until you’re ready to pop the big question.

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