How Did The Tennis Bracelet Get Its Name?

The Diamond tennis bracelet is probably one of – if not the- most famous types of bracelets. But do you know the fascinating history behind these beautiful wrist adornments? Here’s a brief look into the story behind how the tennis bracelet became the tennis bracelet.

It all started in 1987, during the US Tennis Championships. Tennis superstar Chris Evert was playing a match and called for a time out when her diamond bracelet fell off her wrist and onto the court. Evert requested time to locate the bracelet, which fell off because it did not have a safety clasp.

Today, most tennis bracelets do come with safety clasps, but the name “tennis bracelet” stuck, and now the Diamond sparklers will be forever known by the term.

Since that time, Evert has sparked somewhat of a trend among professional tennis players, with tennis superstars such as Serena Williams and Gabriela Sabatini sporting Diamond jewelry both off and on the court.

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