Diamond Stud Earring Guide

Diamond Ear Studs are one of the most desired luxuries. They make the perfect addition to any outfit and can be worn every day and on special occasions. With so many colors, cuts, clarities, and sizes, it can become overwhelming choosing which pair is the right one for you. Here’s a quick guide to help you narrow down your search for affordable and high-quality earrings:

The 4C’s of Diamonds

The four Cs are the factors that essentially explain the Diamond. Many shoppers don’t consider all four Cs, but understanding them can help you get a better idea of what Diamond is right for you. CCCC i.e., the carat, cut, color, and clarity of a diamond is all about its weight, shape, color, and inclusions. Each diamond you buy has a description of each of these and the combination of them heavily influences the price of the stone.


Since your diamond studs may be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, you will want to get the best value for your dollar. But how much do diamond stud earrings cost? Depending on the 4C’s as well as the vendor you’re buying the earrings from, these may cost anywhere between $300 and $6000 or more. The price range is large because of the many different characteristic combinations and sizes that diamond stud earrings come in.

Best Size

1 carat total weight diamond earrings are a popular choice for stud earrings. These refer to a 1/2 carat diamond for each ear, totaling 1 carat when combined. Each diamond would measure around 5mm in diameter on a round cut pair. The carat weight tells you the size you’ll want to consider for properly framing your face. Also, how big or how small diamond earrings you want would depend on your aesthetic desires.

Shape of Diamond Studs

This aspect makes a huge difference to your budget, style, and brilliance of the diamond. The shape or the cut of the diamonds often fall under three categories, including classic (round and princess), vintage (emerald, cushion, and asscher), and unique (oval, pear, and marquise).

What cut is best for diamond earrings depends on your preference. Usually classic shapes allow more light to reflect adding to their magnificence. Vintage cuts don’t return as much shine and sparkle but have a distinct form and extend a 1920s feel. Veering away from traditional looks are unique cuts that make the stone look more substantial, modern, bold, and elegant. Any diamond with a more proportional cut is ideal for stud earrings which is why the most preferred shape is Round.

Setting of Diamond Studs

There are a couple of setting options to choose from – prong and basket settings being the most common. Prong settings keep the diamond more visible and are a classic look. Within Prong Settings are basket settings, which has four prongs, and martini settings, which has three prongs. Having three prongs allows for more of the diamond to be seen and the earring will sit closer to your ear. In addition to what setting you like it is important to consider the back of the earring. The most common earring back is a push-backing, aka friction backing. These are not difficult to remove but provide adequate security. If you are worried your earrings may fall out we recommend a screw back. While these are more difficult to put on and take off and can irritate sensitive ears because the post is thicker, they will keep the earring very secure in the ear.

Choice of Metal

For the setting to complement and support your diamond studs fine materials such as platinum and different types of gold are the precious metals most people choose. While platinum is incredibly durable, 14 or 18 karat gold is more affordable while still offering a decent amount of durability.

Perfect and Real Diamond Earring Studs For You!

Diamond earrings are certainly about adding more style and shine to your life. Real diamonds reflect rainbow on other surfaces while sparkling white and gray from within. Ultimately it’s about picking those studs that speak to you, and you’ll cherish them for a lifetime.

You might still have questions like where to buy diamond stud earrings, how can you find one replacement diamond earring, or how can you tell if earrings are real diamonds.

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