The Latest Setting Styles For Diamond Rings

Congratulations! You’ve popped the question, and the love of your life has said yes to your marriage proposal! Yay, that’s great news, but it also means you need to gift her an engagement ring, mate. Don’t fret if you don’t know anything about diamonds before you set out to buy an engagement ring. This short list of some of the most popular setting styles of diamond rings will get you off to a great start, after which you can easily select the one you like most.


Bezel: The diamond is held in place tightly in a thin ring made of metal. This kind of setting is very popular because it keeps the diamond in place safely and also looks attractive. Because the metal is made into a thin ring, the wearer enjoys a sleek look which fits in well in a work setting. Some wearers do not like a bezel setting because it seems to envelop the diamond and hide it.


Prong: This is one of the most popular settings used in engagement rings for women. It is like a metal forceps which grip the diamond in its claws. The usual designs feature four prongs in each of the four directions, but six-pronged grips are also quite common. Compared to other settings, this one is attractive to look at because it has less metal and more stone, allowing you to show off your diamond. Because the diamond is more prominent, it also enables easier cleaning. But the flip side is that the prongs might get snagged in clothes or curtains or scratch someone, so the wearer needs to be careful.


Three Stone: A nice story associated with this setting using three diamonds is that these three stones represent the past, present and future of a couple. The three stones used in a variety of combinations offer a number of possible combinations of shape, size and color.


Tiffany: This is a variant of the prong setting that was developed by the well-known jeweler Tiffany & Co. and also trademarked by them. Still, most jewelers who sell engagement rings today offer a variant of this setting style. It also uses prongs with a plain metal band. The diamond looks slightly raised just like in a prong setting.


Channel: This is a classic style for setting diamonds into a metal band. The metal band is inlaid with the diamonds set in a line inside the groove that is marked on the metal band. This kind of wedding ring usually features a series of smaller stones rather than one large diamond. While it looks very smart, cleaning this ring can be a tedious affair.


Halo: This type of diamond ring contains a large number of stones. There is the larger central stone which is surrounded by a concentric circle of smaller diamonds. Because there are so many smaller stones involved, you could experiment with some colors to improve the look of the diamonds. This setting usually is cheaper than some of the other styles because it allows you to work with smaller stones.

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