Common Diamond Buying Mistakes

Diamond shopping is a challenging experience. Sure the purchase is rewarding, but decision-making can be frustrating. An insane number of jewelry stores, different aspects of the stone to look at, plus your money at stake – the pressure is for real. What intensifies the stress are some common diamond buying mistakes. Know these beforehand so your visit to the store becomes easier and less tricky the next time.

Luminous Lighting

Store lights are often mounted in a way that diamonds shine their best. But, you won't always be wearing the diamond under well-lit conditions. So, make sure you always ask to see the diamond away from the spotlight, i.e., under normal settings.

Subpar Cut

You may be asked to choose from several available options, but those aren't necessarily well-cut diamonds. Excellent cut stones generally cost more per carat, and good-to-fair cut diamonds cost less. So make your choice accordingly and don't settle for something below average.

Approximated Carat Weight

To be able to compare different diamonds, make sure you precisely know their carat weights. Usually, the figures are rounded off, so always ask for the carat weight along with the price per carat to see if you're investing in the best.

Blindly Trusting Certificates

While GIA-Certified Diamonds are often sought after, they are not always the highest quality or best stones available. Speak with a reputable jeweler in Texas and they will assure you that the diamonds' value is right even if they are non-certified. Certification cannot guarantee excellency, and non-certified stones don’t mean they are poor quality - in fact, you can save several hundred dollars on them.

Colors vs. Color Range

Usually color is the kicker, so compare the offered diamond with the jeweler's color chart. Don't just go by what's being claimed. Hold the stone against the color chart or compare it to other Diamonds and you'll know where it stands on the spectrum.

Online Diamond Purchase

Despite all discounts or schemes, diamonds don't sell for less on online platforms or overseas. It's just the markup percentage that varies. Moreover, you don't have the opportunity to examine the diamond online. So don't be in a hurry, check out a nearby store, and ensure that your hard-earned cash doesn't go waste.

The jewelry world is extremely competing – so the key to success is to start with the best supplier as well as the best supplies. Call Diamond Factory Dallas at (972) 980-8700 to buy and sell jewelry in Texas or for more information.