Deconstructing the 4 C’s of Diamond Grading: Cut

When it comes to the 4C’s of Diamond cutting, the cut of a Diamond is arguably the most important “C” affecting the look of a Diamond. The cut of a Diamond has seven main components:

  • Brightness: the light reflected from the Diamond
  • Fire: light dispersion
  • Scintillation: pattern of light
  • Weight ratio
  • Durability
  • Polish
  • Symmetry: symmetry of Diamond



These are determined by how well the Diamond is cut- NOT- by the shape it is cut to, as many people believe. A well cut stone can affect the value of a Diamond dramatically, no matter the carat weight, color or clarity. In contrast, a poorly cut stone can negatively affect the worth of even the most beautiful and otherwise- flawless Diamond.

In fact, here at Diamond Factory Dallas we can cut your old Diamonds to a better cut grade and improve their look and worth.

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