Deconstructing the 4 C’s of Diamond Grading: Color

By now you may have heard of the “4 C’s” of Diamond grading- carat, color, cut and clarity. But what do they mean? Today let’s discuss color, and how it affects the cost of a diamond.

Diamond color grades are determined by the GIA scale. The colors on the GIA scale rank from D to Z. A D color Diamond is nearly colorless, and among the most desirable and expensive. These Diamonds, along with E and F are considered the best.

Next, G-J are considered nearly colorless and also highly desirable, but cost a bit less than colorless diamonds. When GIA says colorless they are not referring to fancy color diamonds or ‘fancies’ as they are sometimes called. These Diamonds have their own pricing guidelines.

Numbers K, L and M have a slight yellow tint to them, while N, O, P, Q and R have a very light yellow tint which may appear yellow, gray or brown to the naked eye. Colors S through Z are the least desirable color rankings, and have light yellow tint to them.

When searching for Diamonds, keep this color scale in mind. Not every budget will allow for a D grade Diamond, no matter the other factors involved, but staying as close to D as possible will help you invest in the most beautiful stone your budget allows.

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