How to Choose The Best Dallas Jewelers

So, you’re ready to buy your engagement ring in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, but the wide variety of jewelry stores in Dallas have left you totally confused. There are a number of good quality Dallas jewelers who can provide great designs at affordable prices, but if you don’t know which are the dependable ones, you might end up getting taken for a ride.

Often the thought of buying a precious diamond engagement ring is so exciting that buyers miss out on the basic precautions and preparations of diamond buying, and later realize that they’ve been duped. So before you set out shopping for diamonds in Dallas, here are a few things you should be looking at while selecting your jeweler.

Get Information : The trip to the jeweler and the purchase should be the last stage in your purchase process. You can browse the internet to find out what the trending designs are, what prices to expect, to read people’s feedback regarding specific jewelers, and also find out experts’ opinion about different types of diamonds. This will help you have a more fulfilling discussion at the jewelry store.

Don’t Get Hustled: Salesmen and saleswomen at jewelry stores may overwhelm you with their techno-speak and make feel you pressured into buying something you’re not really sure about yet. Do remember that a diamond engagement ring is for a special occasion and special person, so you can take your own sweet time debating over it. Make multiple visits if need be, and compare with as many stores and online retailers as you want, before you finalize a particular ring.

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Know The Marks: If you have actually done the background research we spoke about earlier, you’ll surely come across the terms GIA and AGS certification. These acronyms stand for Gemological Institute of America and American Gem Society, respectively. Do not hesitate to check with the store to see if all their Diamonds are certified. If a stone is not certified, you should look for another option.

Check Stock: It is obvious that the engagement ring you are buying needs to be ready and in your hand before the engagement. This date should be conveyed to your store right at the outset. The reason for this is that many stores actually create a ring after getting your order, and if you place your order too late with such stores, you may not have your ring in time if they fail to keep to their deadline. It is much better to go to stores that have been in business longer as they should have ready stock of several designs and sizes so that you can pick your ring faster.

Backup Plan: Make sure you are familiar with the store’s replacement and warranty policy. Be aware that most stores offer separate warranty periods for the metal and for the diamond, so you should find out what these periods are.

If you have kept these basics in mind, you’re all set to buy that special ring and make your wedding day memorable!

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