Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Did you know? Your engagement ring can be one of the most significant purchases of your life as the average cost of an engagement ring currently clocks in at $5,900! So, before you drop thousands of dollars on your proposal, you need to don your detective cap and make sure you know as much about that tiny rock as you can. Because diamond shopping doesn't come with a handbook, the tips below will ensure you're geared up with all the information you need when tackling this pre-proposal pursuit.


With so many options and smooth-talking salespeople, it’s tough to know how much to spend on an engagement ring in Dallas without racking up debt. So, before you even start your search, you need to figure out a reasonable budget. One month’s worth of your annual income is usually plenty to get a great ring, but anything that’s worth more than your two months’ salary is a NO.

(Tip: It’s always better to buy your ring from diamond wholesalers as that can help you eliminate the middleman and the huge markup.)


Once you’ve figured out how much to spend on an engagement ring, it’s time to start exploring affordable engagement rings that your girlfriend would be smitten with. Would she want something blingy or vintage-esque? Does she care about social issues? If she's dropped a few hints here and there, you're in luck – just make sure they're aligned with what you think she really wants.


If you want the best ring for your money, you need to know your 4 Cs(Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut) before you step foot in a jewelry store in Dallas.

  • Carat: Often referred to as weight, carat is what determines the size of the diamond. Don’t get caught up in the carat debate. If you want a one-carat (0.2 grams) diamond, get one that’s .85 or .75 — it’ll look nearly identical and could save you as much as 30%.
  • Clarity:No diamond is flawless, but the fewer imperfections it has, the more expensive it will be. By choosing diamonds rated VVSI1 or VVSI2, you compromise a bit on clarity, but not enough that the imperfections are visible to the naked eye – and you save a lot!
  • Color: Diamonds are graded on a scale from D (perfectly colorless and transparent) to S-Z (light yellow). Of course, the less the color, the more expensive the diamond! If you want a dazzling diamond that won’t break your bank, we recommend ratings G, H or I.
  • Cut: The cut is all about the BLING! This is what gives a diamond its signature sparkle – so don't try to skimp here. Pick the best cut your budget allows. You can choose from cuts such as Round, Oval, Marquie, Pear and Princess.


Like the diamond itself, the setting is also an important part of an engagement ring. You can choose from exquisite settings such as Solitaire, Tiffany, Bezel, Pavé, Three-Stone, Cluster and many more. Choose a metal for your custom jewelry, too. The usual options are yellow rose gold, white gold, and platinum.

Alright, you’re ready to buy an engagement ring of your partner’s dreams! Now all you have to do is… plan a proposal.

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