All About Sapphires

Each month of the year as well as many life milestones have an associated birthstone. Since it is September we will be exploring the Sapphire. Read below to learn more about this beauty!

“Sapphire” originally comes from the Latin word sapphirus and the Greek word sappheiros, meaning “blue stone.” Most commonly Sapphires are found to be a rich blue color. However, Sapphires also come in every other color of the rainbow except Red. At their core, Sapphires are made up of a mineral called corundum. Depending on the quantity of trace minerals that make up the Sapphire, this will determine what color the gemstone ultimately is. Sapphires that are any color other than blue are called “fancies.”

On the hardness scale, known as the Mohs scale, Sapphires measure a 9. For comparison, a Diamond, the hardest natural substance on earth, measures a 10 and Topaz measures an 8. Because of their durability they are often used in industrial applications like to make watches, electronics, and scientific equipment.

A Sapphire symbolizes nobility, faithfulness, loyalty, good fortune, and sincerity. Not only is it symbolic for those born in September but it also is used to celebrate a 5th and 45th Wedding Anniversary. So, if you have a friend who has a birthday coming up or an anniversary with a loved one, consider a Sapphire piece of jewelry. From rings to pendants and even stackable bands, we can help you find the perfect piece to commemorate your special occasion.