Quadrillions of Diamonds?

A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has revealed that the earth’s crust contains quadrillions of Diamonds – about a thousand times more than what scientists initially estimated.

So what does this mean for Diamond mining? Not much at this point, because these Diamonds are down so far into the earth’s mantle that they’re unable to be retrieved. That’s because researchers estimate the Diamonds are located between 90 to 150 miles beneath the earth’s surface. Currently, the deepest mine in the world can only reach approximately 1/3 of a mile below the earth’s surface!

The MIT team used sound waves generated by seismic technology to measure the sound waves that reverberate through rock formations called cratons. Because sound travels twice as quickly through Diamonds as it does through other rocks, they were able to estimate the number of Diamonds within those cratons by using the sound wave measurements.