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Custom Pear Ring Design

At Diamond Factory Dallas you can either shop from our current Pear Diamond inventory or custom design the Ring of your dreams. We control the entire process, from Diamond Cutting Factory to Finger, which allows us to deliver the very best products at wholesale prices. You can custom craft your own CAD and rely on our in-house Design Team to bring that design to life. We have the largest selection of loose Pear Diamonds in Dallas at various price points, colors, clarities, sizes, and qualities. Whether you are looking for a 1 carat Pear Diamond, 2 carat Pear Diamond, 3 carat Pear Diamond, 4 carat Pear Diamond, 5 carat Pear Diamond, or bigger, we can help. We carry both Natural Pear Diamonds and Lab Grown Pear Diamonds, both of which are always available at our Factory Prices.

Choosing The Perfect Pear

When it comes to choosing the Diamond for your Engagement Ring there are so many options out there. That is why we have our personal concierge always available to guide you and help you make the right choice. We can help you narrow down your options to assist you in finding the best value Diamond. Some customers want a stone as big as they can get and don’t mind compromising on quality, while others prefer to maintain a particular color and clarity. If you’re thinking of a Pear Diamond you will want to consider what length-to-width ratio you prefer. Many Pear Diamonds also have what is called a bow-tie, which is a darker area across the width of the Diamond. Some don’t mind the bow-tie while others find it distracting, so you will want to see the stone you are considering in person before purchasing it.

History Of The Pear

Diamonds have a long and rich history that dates back as far as the fourth century BC. It takes a long time for a Diamond to form in the earth, be mined, be polished, and then be ready for purchase. The Pear was invented by a Flemish polisher, Ludwick van Berquem, in 1458. The cut rose in popularity in the 1960s when Elizabeth Taylor and her husband purchased a stunning 69.42 carat Pear Diamond from Cartier, who had just out-bid Taylor’s husband and won the Diamond in a New York auction one day prior. Today, this stone is known as either the Taylor-Burton Diamond or the Cartier Diamond.

Pears In The Media

From the runway to the red carpet to the big screen, celebrities all over are flashing their beautiful Pear Diamonds. Paris Hilton rocks a $2 million 20 Carat Pear Ring, Cardi B flaunts an 8 Carat Pear set in Platinum, Katherine Heigl has a meaningful 3 Carat Pear Ring that she often pairs with two matching bands, and Sophie Turner wears a Solitaire Pear Diamond set in a white gold double band. Those are just a few of our favorites! Wanting a Pear Diamond Engagement Ring too? Contact us today to start designing!