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DIAMOND FACTORY DALLAS created and debuted a new concept in brick-and-mortar jewelry retail that allows customers to be involved in the creation of their rings from factory to finger, as they say.

Owned and operated by parent company Southwest Diamond Cutters, the retail operation lets shoppers watch as diamonds are cut on site while also offering them a large selection of diamonds and custom-design services. Continue Reading “From Factory to Finger Shoppers watch as gems are transformed.”

Diamond Factory Dallas has been at the forefront of the Diamond industry for many years. As one of the leading wholesale loose diamond suppliers and the only Diamond Cutting Factory in Texas, we saw an amazing opportunity to open a retail outlet so we could offer our customers exceptional savings and a unique experience. From cutting the precious stones on-site, to crafting the finished jewelry, we are the only Jewelry Store in the USA who does it all. Cutting out any middleman and controlling the entire process allows us to offer Diamond Jewelry and Loose Diamonds at wholesale prices direct to the public.
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