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Proposing to a potential bride with a Diamond ring is a tradition long thought to be started by a 1930’s advertising campaign, however the tradition dates back much further. It is believed to have started centuries ago, when men used to attach rings on strings attached to keys to indicate a woman was his property.  Thankfully, that tradition has ended, but the tradition of presenting a partner with a Diamond lives on.

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As any good shopper knows, you have to shop around to get the best deal. Not too long ago, this meant either browsing sale flyers or driving store to. Today we live in an increasingly global world, where you can buy anything at any time of the day or night. From books to houses, cars and clothing buying online has become a regular occurrence in many of our lives. But what about when it comes to buying Diamonds or custom jewelry? Sure, it’s easier than schlepping all over town for bargains, but is really better? Not exactly. In addition to not being able to see what you’re getting, there’s no guarantee that you’re even getting what you paid for.

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Diamond shopping is a challenging experience. Sure the purchase is rewarding, but decision-making can be frustrating. An insane number of jewelry stores, different aspects of the stone to look at, plus your money at stake – the pressure is for real. What intensifies the stress are some common diamond buying mistakes. Know these beforehand so your visit to the store becomes easier and less tricky the next time. Continuar leyendo “Common Diamond Buying Mistakes”