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Investing in diamonds is a tricky and intimidating business. Finding a beautiful diamond is easy – investing in one that increases in value while beating inflation, and may help you when the market crashes, may be challenging. The potential pitfalls seem so significant that prospective investors turn away entirely or make costly mistakes. Historically, diamonds appreciate just at the rate money inflates. They are always in demand, can last forever, and hold immense intrinsic value, similar to Gold and Platinum Jewelry. If you’re thinking of investing in diamonds, please read on.

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and we are sure you have already been bombarded with all the usual ideas. Chocolates, I Love You picture frame, a handwritten card, a stuffed animal holding a heart… Sure these may same sweet but let us be honest; You will give your Special Someone something you pick up from the Valentine’s Day Section at the grocery store and then after a few days it will go on a shelf to collect dust. You and I both know that they deserve so much more than that! Continue Reading “Valentines Gifts”