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Diamond Factory Dallas has been at the forefront of the Diamond industry for many years. As one of the leading wholesale loose diamond suppliers and the only Diamond Cutting Factory in Texas, we saw an amazing opportunity to open a retail outlet so we could offer our customers exceptional savings and a unique experience. From cutting the precious stones on-site, to crafting the finished jewelry, we are the only Jewelry Store in the USA who does it all. Cutting out any middleman and controlling the entire process allows us to offer Diamond Jewelry and Loose Diamonds at wholesale prices direct to the public.
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Meghan Markle has one, Jessica Alba has one, Taylor Swift has one, Jennifer Lopez has one, and Beyoncé has one. Now it is time for you to get yours! One of the hottest trends this season… Custom Diamond Name Necklaces. Wear your name with honor and pride! We know you have been thinking about getting one of these for yourself or someone you care about, so we have made it as easy as possible for you by offering the best price on the market. Continue Reading “The Name Necklace Trend”

Investing in diamonds is a tricky and intimidating business. Finding a beautiful diamond is easy – investing in one that increases in value while beating inflation, and may help you when the market crashes, may be challenging. The potential pitfalls seem so significant that prospective investors turn away entirely or make costly mistakes. Historically, diamonds appreciate just at the rate money inflates. They are always in demand, can last forever, and hold immense intrinsic value, similar to Gold and Platinum Jewelry. If you’re thinking of investing in diamonds, please read on.

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